The false dichotomy

Defining “Leavers” and “Remainers” is a false dichotomy. Yes 17 million voted to leave the EU, and some of these rant about those with a different opinion to them.

The people who want to protect their European identity. including 3.2 million settled immigrants add up to over 20 million citizens who think differently to you, and are not being democratically respected. Of course, the Leave voters are not all bigots or racists, but that may represent a small minority that has inflicted violence, but really there are unbalanced minds on both sides of this divide. It is stupid to categorise people according to their political affiliations. People lead different lives, some are more closely related to Europe. We want to the EU to evolve. There are 27 countries. Cameron did “huddle” with them and came back with meaningful proposals for the majority. Instead of accepting a compromise, we are now taking extraordinarily risky measures designed to enrich the very rich at the expense of the middle class. Same as was done to the working class during Thatcher’s era.

Brexit is a populist movement but where is there any evidence that the rights of people, enshrined into law we have already subscribed to in Article 47, will be respected? This is a deceptive ploy, a way of keeping the Tories cemented into power with willing but unwitting collaboration by the leadership of the “opposition”. Brexit will do what our dear Theresa deigns as “good for the country”. So watch her cut any progressive or social benefit remorselessly and her popularity rise as she casts aside the needs of progress. She is popular as she appears decisive but I can not support her ignoring the wishes of 20 million of the citizens who will ultimately vote her out of office. She has never faced an election and has peaked early. In 2020 she will only win if our economic results are outstanding as she has treated so many with disdain. The EU may not be perfect but the UK will face a perfect storm unless there is some magic trade-deal she can pull out of the bag.