I am British European

I am British European. My parents were both born in Britain, but only one of my Grandparents were born in England. The other two are European. I am British European.

That the EU and UK were united was a cause for my blood to feel valid. Now that the UK is considering pulling itself apart to satisfy a need for identity by people who feel overwhelmed by immigration: usually demanded by economic growth in our docile rich import led economy.

Our country imports fruit from Spain without paying tariffs, if we leave the single market, imagine how much more fruit will cost at the supermarket. We could be facing year round increases of 50%, 70% or even 100%. Our currency is 30% less than it was, tariffs will add to landed costs. Fuel will increase. Power may also. Imagine paying £5 for a cabbage.

I am a British European. I want to live and work both here and on the Continent. This destructive idea, Brexit, is both undefined and potentially catastrophic. I know an ex-Prime Minister said that, but now so have I. Own it. Brexit will ruin this country. Immigration adds to our culture.

We are all British Europeans.