Saying NO to Brexit

The Solution

The Chairman of the Government Brexit Committee, Labour MP Hilary Benn has stated that other solutions are available if the PMs unpopular deal is rejected by Parliament.

This Bloomberg interview reveals his view that No Deal is not really an option, but if the only deal that can be achieved is not accepted by Parliament, then the Government can still implement the result of the advisory 2016 referendum which was to leave the governing bodies of the EU while remaining in the EEA (trading economic area).

This actually seems more likely to be the outcome before a second referendum is required, but that by holding off on calling a confirming people’s vote, the Government is limiting its actual options.

Stay in the EU is better than the deal. It is also better that the majority of the British electorate agrees with the outcome, rather than a subgroup of MPs who believe that being in the EU is somehow unpatriotic. They will not change our minds, that being in the EU is better, and conversely, we may find it hard to unlodge their core belief that seems based on the logic of Empire – i.e. that we have a right to privilege.

In the end game, a choice has to be made that does not damage the economy, that Parliament votes for and that people are happy with.

Staying in the EEA is not as good as staying in the EU. But it is better than every other option, and at least achieves something important for the EU and UK, which is the complete eradication of the UKiP anomaly, however, that seems to be something they are completely capable of achieving by themselves.

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