Saying NO to Brexit

The Referendum and the Damage Done

The Referendum made us discuss something before we understood what it meant and that it turns out probably has no good outcome.

Sure, we should have found a way.  We could have voted for Ed in larger numbers.  But, half asleep we had no idea of the power vacuum that would follow. We have many options, sure. The Government projected tough negotiations but they back down when the EU tells them their ideas do not work with the other 27 countries.

All appear worse than simply demanding a few new rules and taking a leading position in the EU but instead, we carried on voting for useless deadwood UKIP MEPs who through criminal negligence prove to the electorate that MEPs are no good.

No wonder the EU is good with the result of the referendum, but they would prefer us not to destroy our economy in the process so that we continue to be a flourishing trading nation in their vicinity.

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