Saying NO to Brexit

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eunity is a protest site, our latest protest is against BREXIT! We have previously opposed the Academisation of schools in the UK and that campaign was one loud voice calling for the removal of Michael Gove. MP.

Now we want to raise a voice against Brexit.

You can contribute to this site, immortalise your words and protest against Brexit here and quickly link your articles and to your social media pages

It is a very easy and an effective way to take ownership and publish and share your opinions about Brexit. Posting everything to Facebook or Twitter is fine but in five minutes your post is buried. If you become a contributor to this site, then your posts will exist here with social links so you can create lots of Facebook or Twitter posts whenever you feel the need.

First step is to Register and join this site. Then send me a request to be a contributor. Your articles will be checked and then added to our front page. Avid contributors will be able to post directly in time!

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