Saying NO to Brexit

Shape of things to come

Brexit on term defined by Dominic Cummings appears to be the future.

Protests and democracy have failed to stop the coup, now the election created a Government that can only stop itself. The opposition parties have failed. utterly.

The new regime of a points-based immigration system will put a lot of businesses under extreme pressure. It will also change the shape of the economy from a service-based one to a technocracy.

The Laws of Supply and Demand be damned! This government out-thinks consequences, ignores the constraints of reality and burrows itself into a mountain of problems with its brave new world of imported talent and dead pensioners.

A minority of the electorate helped Boris Johnson to power with an 80 seat majority due to our non-democratic system that is gamed by the Right to win elections. They tricked Labour voters into voting for a promise of a right-of-centre, perhaps even liberal approach, but have instead unleashed a hydra that will reshape society, eliminating them in the process. Don’t worry chaps, there will be plenty of pittance-waged work for retirees forced back into work as their pensions dry up, as bartenders, care workers and food packers.

It is a very different political direction with its own consequences. The interests of those duped Labour voters who may not even survive the 5 years of reshaping are ignored. Flood defenses? The Cummings approach seems to be let them drown if they are going to live by a river! Maybe it isn’t but there does not appear to be much Government planning that aligns with reality. There is plenty of planning for utopian ideals without any regard for what is already there.

And the Left and Liberal forces seem useless, pointless and have nothing to say. They will be shoved aside by a renewed centre, led by an alternative vision where people actually care about each other, where we not only engage with the EU project but with Europe offset the expansionalism of the USA and China.

Britain takes back control by not controlling anything. These are interesting times, but the world is more dangerous than ever.

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