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The enemy of freedom is beliving one enslaved: the enemy of political corruption is local government. Not only of people but by people. Local forces are more significant than National forces. The right of a government is to weave the fabric of laws, set the environment, but it never was revolution. By definition that comes from within, you turn the world upside down so the lowest common parts are raised; whereas the goal of central control is to manufacture the popular collective opinion (common prejudice, it seems, overrules discussion and that may be due to instinctive pack behavior rather than a product of reason) as one suited to their priorities.

The reason that the one percent controls society is that it buys the consent to create an environment that suits their objective: staying the 1%. The most powerful want to get more power or perhaps they can not help it. The instinctive behavior is to compete to lead the pack.

Innovators, artists, leaders of the mind – their priority is progress. That is not always a good thing, it seems, as a society may be more economic when its values advance faster than its convenience. Progress and heavily centralized control seem to have found opposite corners and thus we talk about labor vs capital, or capitalism vs communism which has been deliberately morphed into capitalism vs socialism as a brand, supporting the less somewhat less digestible dichotomy: conservativism vs liberalism.

The path back from demagoguery is local power. People controlling their own destiny and forming their own collectives, centralizing their own power and having a say in what happens locally. Because every political structure can effect change in its zone, the reclamation of power seems the most effective way to conquer centralized control.

” This radical devolution is the best defense against capture by any political force. ” from this <a href=””>Guardian Article</a> – now if you consider that the Government goes in directions counter to your interests, maybe it is most effective to build and order from within. Start locally, build a grass-rooted movement that Thunburgs onto the world stage and opposes the forces that seek to reap profit from your world.

You are far more likely to win the big battles when all the local battles are aligned with your manifesto than trying to shove social change into your manifesto without having a broad church political gravity to understanding your ideals and ideas. Local thinking can be far more advanced than merely a Neighborhood Watch or Town Council. We now can form horizontally organized and politically focused groups as we can now all validly communicate with encrypted guarantees of fidelity. We must start by ignoring the dross of social networking, groups get invaded by the forces of capital that provide access to the technology from above, hierarchies are only useful when it leaves share a goal with the trunk that is not war.

If war became necessary, that should be driven by the needs of the people against an existential threat and not driven by the needing ego of an individual. That appears to the real danger to progress: the mad ruler syndrome. Bad leadership is a weakness and aggression is no substitute for progress. Is Trump a bad leader. Do you really trust him to press the button to conquer Putin? Of course you do. And do you really trust him not to do it without solid reasons? Unfortunately, we can not be sure. That is another reason that the protection of impeachment exists: to remove the malign from office.

Remove Trump and you will get another one, best sometimes to let them make mistakes, to show the masses their shameful moments. Does that get out of hand as the people behind a dictator are drunk on the expansion of power behind unnatural progress that increasingly must be faked: nepotistic based reward reverses progress, causes the fall of empires.

The American Camalot seeks the priority of Executive Power which is the power of a Monarchy. That seems plainly obvious, but the Empire of Extreme Wealth is determined to keep their chunk of the pie intact. To do so, may conflict with the power of populism that has different goals.

Why do populist causes benefit the 1%? They don’t. They provide the magnet that drags others into debt to the center. They provide blind loyalty leveraged by an economic system of obligation by debt. That can only be broken from inside, by taking control of the local, the community and our actual lives. By becoming independently successful, the oligarchies become less significant. Do not feel poverty bite, organize locally, provide employment via small businesses and organizations, create a society that you want.

The center can be found by a quiet revolution from within.

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