Saying NO to Brexit

May’s Deal

So, the media keep saying “Hard Brexit!” with continued thrilling fear. “No deal” is no longer a condition, there it is: the deal that can be achieved. The politicians and the public are seeing it as “a bad deal”. Of course it is a bad deal. It is a stupid own-goal.

It’s 500 pages long. I am sure many others will not read it but the TV news reporter said she read it overnight. If Brexit ends up going ahead it will be that document that every Leave voter had better read before the People’s Vote as that is the list of real promises they are agreeing to. Not the bullshit spouted by the campaigns funded by Aaron Banks. Trust in politics requires limits of truth stretching and the Leave campaign not only broke the law but it lied compulsively.

I want to campaign for a fair people’s vote.

We know what Brexit means – two years of negotiation of a specialist team appointed by the minority elected Conservative Government is what Brexit now means.

It no longer means “Hard Brexit is better than No Deal” simply as a “deal” is now on the table, therefore “no deal” is no longer a necessary option because nobody seems to what that except a small minority.

The other option is now No Brexit. They all seem to be saying the deal is no good, that a no deal exit is a really bad idea. So this option has to be the only other option. That much that the Prime Minister said is actually correct: it is her deal, or part of it, or no Brexit is still an option.

Theresa May has achieved something very important: and acceptance that a People’s Vote is the ONLY thing that will ratify her deal and that No Brexit is the only alternative. A Government that steers the country into danger, when there is an option to check with the voters if this is the destiny they want, is, in effect, an enemy of the people. A Government that is able to successfully debate being in the EU so that the referendum was an informed choice, could have saved this country massive cost and two years of wasted Government time, and a media dulled by repetition. They could have worked out themselves what the limits of it, and they could have setup and negotiation panel to get to a 500 page proposed agreement without this ridiculous dance of “democracy”.

Referendums are not how “representative democracy” works. The whole idea is that people are paid salaries to talk about the consequences of their actions. That is what David Cameron should have done, instead he rolled up his sleeves to negotiate. Theresa May took over the negotiation when David Davis failed. We have been led into the mire by a dysfunctional parliament with party-whipped dominance instead of logic as a guiding principle. And Brexit is the product of the two worst Prime Ministers who have put power about the future of the United Kingdom behind their the survival of their fundamentally out-of-date political principals.

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