Saying NO to Brexit


Labour has suddenly found out that the risk of Jeremy Corbyn losing an election is too high and therefore it probably feels a strong need to again become a centre party instead of hard left.

The evolution of a socially progressive political force credible enough to hold the reins of government has been a troubled one in the last 100 years. The Left minded would call it “the struggle”. The very use of the term “Left-minded” is a tactic of the right: it likes being called “Right-minded”. Politics is war played by playground rules. Anything goes. It is the same rules as war but without the violence and death. A revolution becomes necessary due to the failure to appeal to the many when a Government fails to do what is good or necessary and that threatens the basics of life. The ignobility of politics is its guiding light, opinions manipulated by the tribes divided by the politically opinioned press. The appeal to small-hearted values of the long term oppressed is naked and obvious.

But the Labour voters who voted for Boris and Brexit have bought the propaganda and now will live it, if their gamble does not deliver they will be attracted to the alternative. But it must be credible.

It must not brazenly pursue ideological digressions, it must appeal to the core values of the centre while implementing progress. Corbyn lost the election by promising to privatise everything. He lost credibility as he tried to solve problems that society have accepted are not really a wise direction. Public ownership of some assets is sane, but the Royal Mail returns for its shareholders rather than the public. It is now a luxury rather than a background item. Nationalising the power companies may make sense as power generation is an established infrastructure paid for by the public. But the trains and the internet? Both need innovations in economics and R&D. Train companies are not in competition with each other, but regulation is the simple solution to that. The internet provision was what convinced 10% of the population that Corbyn was an ideologue who would go too far.

The election that they should have won over Brexit, they lost instead by enacting their own pissing contest. They lost Brexit by having no clear policy or trust of the 50% of people who really do not want the UK out of the EU as their lives have been significantly enhanced due to the EU. Their limp concern for Remain politics balanced against the layer of distrust did not wash. If their campaign was clear (Lammy) or balanced (Starmer) they would have logically gotten more votes. Or they could try and elect another political “struggler”.

The direction set by a new leader is crucial to their existence. Leadership must understand strategy. If Labour can not do it, another party can. Not the Lib Dems, they have not yet recovered from their coalition or Jo Swinson.

The Green Party could certainly muster a huge following due to the Thunberg effect. And they have to aggressively pick up the reigns of the Green New Deal and stop being so Left-minded: their policies could be to a) harness solar power farms for the good of all providing free energy and b) full electrification of industry and transport and c) creating an environment for rapid technological progress by offering tax incentives for innovation. A Green Party that is centered on ecological progress through progressive policy could attract voters who are conscious that the current directions of both Capitalist and Socialist thinking will end life on Earth despite being successful paths for economic management, they are incapable of thinking outside their realms of appeal.

The only way to Say No to Brexit is to be effective. It is incumbent on the Green Leadership to become more Right-minded and dramatic with a coherent plan to not to end Climate Change but to make a lot of economic progress with a coherent plan, an economic path that makes all of us far richer.

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