Saying NO to Brexit

European Citizenship

A letter from the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt was posted on a Facebook group, it says:

I fully understand your concerns. From the beginning of this process I have been convinced that some sort of special solution needs to be found for individual citizens who want to maintain their ties with the European Union. The European Parliament has stated in its resolution of 14 March 2018 that many UK citizens have expressed strong opposition to losing their rights and that the EU-27 should examine how to mitigate this, within the limits of EU primary law.

It is an extremely difficult process, but we are currently assessing all possible options to prevent loss of EU citizenship and to see how it could be retained.

We still face many challenges, but I promise I will do everything I can for people like you who feel European and wish to retain their European citizenship.

It is a complex process. The EU spent decades crafting agreements between 28 member states, and now one of those members (actually 4 countries) needs complex new rules. I am British European and I would rather apply for visa to visit UK than EU where I enjoy freedom of movement.

I would rather pay my taxes to a country that looks after its people than one that wants to ignore the evolved needs of its population to implement a badly flawed, criminally conducted campaign to hijack a stupid referendum.

The UK Government has betrayed its own people. Badly. I want to be a part of Europe rather than this land that betrays the hopes and aspirations of over 50% of the population.

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