Saying NO to Brexit

Election analysis

We are still Saying No to Brexit. Despite the hype about it, Boris Johnson’s election as PM with a majority of seats in the house is supposed to somehow “get Brexit done”. Or has the British public just voted in the guarantee that Brexit will not get done until there is a trade deal ratified? Read between the lines and examine not what was said by whom, because the winners in this election are most understood by the many to tell lies and manipulate their majority. A strategy of mercurial deception seems to be accepted as a necessary evil by the gullible. The path toward withdrawal is the Boris Agreement, but it is not withdrawal, itself. That event happens at the end of the time window, which one assumes is what he sees as “time to negotiate a trade deal that everyone wants”.

Meantime, Corbyn is blamed for and takes responsibility for the rout of his MPs. The small war between Labour and Lib Dems (who together got more votes than the Conservatives) lost the election. FPP made sure of it. The lack of cooperation between the two opposition parties consigned them to 5 years of irrelevance.

It is democracy by sheer salesmanship and one where the audience perhaps appreciated the skill of the deception as they have no evidence at all that Boris is more effective with the complicated world of treaty negotiations than he was with planning the economics of a “flower bridge” over the Thames which absorbed £53m and produced nothing whatsoever. Brexit could cost £500billion and damage the economy unless the predictable happens:

  1. Article 50 process is abandoned, or
  2. A trade deal is finalised based on what we have already in the customs union and single market, except full freedom of movement.
  3. The issue of existing citizens rights can be resolved by delegating FOM to an agreement between the EU and the UK citizens who want to it, or, simply a unilateral declaration that would be dependent upon the UK accepting all current EU immigrants as citizens, as covered in the withdrawal agreement the EU can grant FOM to any UK citizen who wants to live and work in the EU.
  4. The trade deal combined with limited FOM would effectively transition between EU membership and all the benefits of it, without the cost or responsibility of participation. Effectively a Norway style deal.

In order words, Brexit will revert to being about being a member of the EU Parliament, which is less than the fervent hoped for. That is my prediction. The UK will lose its seat at the table, work out a free trade deal with the EU, unless it has conditions imposed by the US trade deal that may be advancing in secret.

Hard Brexit only makes sense to the 1%. It does not make sense to those who voted for 5 more years of Tory Government who would lose jobs, security, and health. Logic is all we have left to protect our lives and values from the onslaught of Nationalism.

I can not say that I am hopeful that logic will prevail. But who knows, Boris loves to fool people. Is there faith in necromancy and a realisation that politics is the game of fooling people to give you the reigns of power: but who has Boris fooled? It is difficult to say.

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