Saying NO to Brexit

British Political Parties

There are two main parties, both of them riven with fundamental disagreement. The Conservative Party has the ERG – a group of 70 far-Right MPs who are determined to drag the country out of the EU. There is a core leading the Labour Party of far-Left socialists (Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell) but a rump of left-Centre pragmatists, sometimes called “Blairites”. That is four political parties, or two pathologically divided groups.

If the last two PMs were not so cowardly, they would have sacked MPs who shared goals with UKiP and run real Conservative candidates against them at an election. The extremists would then lose their seats.

Instead of embracing their role in Europe, the main parties let UKiP take seats in the European Parliament. No wonder the British voters lost confidence in the EU Parliament, they had (by default, not intent) voted rats onto the ship, who then did everything they could to sink the ship with false Nationalistic values, and undermine the “European Project” designed by great minds like Churchill and even Thatcher, taken apart from the neglect by Cameron and buried by May.

Cameron and May are the two most insignificant political leaders in British history, but by being slightly clever, smug and arrogant, they have managed to undo the character of the British role of reformed domination (the Commonwealth) and create a new class of hooligan that only knows how to criticise and deconstruct structures that took decades of careful planning and placement, they allowed the snake of temptation into the garden and the sense that the British people should now be exposed to the harshest elements of a world no longer protected by their own corner of humanity, the countries they share history and family with, the most politically volatile and progressive family, Europe.

The UK is culturally part of this extraordinary boiling cauldron of change, it is not part of the civilisation American hegemony and weapons, it is not part of the rigid control exerted by the far East, it is part of the centre, the intellectual and cultural evolution is concentrated in its places of learning.

To avert this political didaster, MPs mut smash the party system

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