Saying NO to Brexit

Brexit intentions

What are the real intentions of each political party after the Brexit Withdrawal Bill reaches second reading?

Boris Johnson wants Brexit to happen too quickly for the fine print to dry, let alone be read or discussed. He wants to trigger an election that he is confident of winning due to his Brexit stance and his presentation skills being far greater than May’s who lost the Conservative majority in the last failed attempt to garner absolute power. Just in case, he has started to increase the budget deficit with huge spending promises.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to trigger a General Election on his own terms. This strategy appears based on the Blair “bear trap” statement. Wait for Brexit to be done, so the Conservatives are responsible for it if it is a no-deal. But a withdrawal agreement is back on the table and parliament has voted for it to proceed to second reading.

The Lib Dems want to revoke Article 50. This would be the wisest course if the electorate was behind it, which the 48% may well vote for in the next General Election if Brexit has not been triggered. If it has, they will need a different integration policy: they need to know why people want to remain. Is it freedom of movement? Or embedded EU relations in business? Is it identity? Is it the economic success of the single market and customs union?

The Greens, Independent Group and Independent ex-Tory MPs want a People’s Vote (an honestly run second referendum). This is the only democratic solution.

Will the deal survive the second reading without a raft of amendments? That is what Johnson is trying to avoid. He wants to leave the EU regardless of the harm it will do to many businesses and lives. I sort of spring cleaning of the economic success based on the single market and making the UK into a client state to Trump’s America?

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