The End of the Tories

The Tory party looks doomed. This is due to the failure of their policies of the last fourteen years. They championed Brexit which has not improved anything much, and has reduced the economy with barriers to trade without any trade deal with the US to replace even a percentage of the free trade we had with the largest economic body in the world, the EU.

Rishi Sunak was not the primary choice to replace Boris Johnson and his epitaph is to be forgotten as he wiped himself out of the history books by not attending the international celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day. And to make matters worse, he apologised for his stupid gaffe. Totally betrayal of the Tory brand. And just after calling an early election at the most inopportune moment. It looks like he wants the Tories to lose.

The electorate seems to have decided that the least risky move is tactical voting to ensure not just a Labour Government but possibly a Lib Dem opposition.

The issue that I believe has sunk the Tories is their treatment of the NHS. And Brexit. Those who wanted a more severe shock to the economy, a harder Brexit are disappointed in how Boris negotiated the deal, and the majority can see that Brexit has caused damage to this country in many ways from diplomatic relevance to a massive surge in immigration as Freedom of Movement no longer can moderate pressures and provide temporary workers when needed and allow people to leave easily.

The Tory treatment of the NHS is felt by everyone, especially Tory voters.

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