Demagogue on World Stage

Out of touch, out of her mind. Liz Truss is an embarrassment of wealth over good sense. Pitching herself against the US President who recognises that ‘trickle down’ economics is simply enabling the very wealthy to accumulate rather than create employment, this woman who has no mandate, no authority of a people behind her jumps up onto the world stage with her 50,000 votes and declares a new era of Reganite brutal economics should be adopted by the whole world. Out of time, out of touch and a shorthand for unfettered greed and ignorance of the civilisation that has to somehow support itself without any Government programmes or activity, plebs owned by big business. Yes, that is her idea, defeat Putin by being worse.

Putin probably can not believe his luck. Someone who is actually more cruel and less emotional than he is. I just wonder if she will end up trying to declare war on France having already insulted the French President. She wants to reduce Government income at a time when public services which are a necessity for the average civilian are on their knees. Nobody has voted for her simplistic ideas.

Extreme right wing economics can result in ‘economic growth’ as the aged population die off, the sick die off and the poor starve, only the racehorses survive. The philosophy of the extreme right is where the ideas of enabling business ahead of people: Amazon is a good example of the model – all for the company, nothing for the employee. Extreme left wing societies also fail. Economic growth is not the correct goal for a society, it is one way to disguise the problem of economy: how do you stretch assets to cover a growing population? By making everyone more productive and those who can, enable them to build businesses! Great! But when you have a shrinking population or a shrinking workforce, there is another form of competition: people voting with their feet. This is why Brexit was sold to the UK, it enables the Government to control who is part of our economy (cheaper workers can be seasonally imported) but without the Freedom of Movement the EU provided, many businesses have found it impossible to find workers (seasonal workers who pick fruit, for example). The result is a distillation of the kind of business that can work, many small businesses are being slowly boiled away as costs increase, and market opportunities become more internally focused. Yes, we can import millions of people on short term visas and send them home with a handful of dollars instead of celebrating European Unity and cooperation, we try and compete with the EU in a race to the bottom with a few massive winners controlling all the wealth. This is the Truss dream. Individuals do not count. Anything that does not force its expenses into the general population will forever stay small. Trickle down economics does not work.

In two years we will remember how the UK was the fifth, then the sixth and now is probably the eight largest economy in the world. The economic mismanagement will benefit some but damage most. The UK is rich enough to withstand this cruel wind, but is it what we actually want? Do we want to be enslaved by the whims of billionaire bankers?

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