Government without a Mandate

The elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been ousted by his own party, after a landslide resigation event prompted by his ex-Chancellor, Rishi Sunak who then campaigned for the leadership and more responsible Government. Instead, the Tory faithful were attracted to the promise of Ultra-Right-Wing zealot and what smells like fascism probably is fascism leadership candidate, Liz Truss, who has now been installed as PM.

Her new government has decided to introduce bills that are not mandated: issuing licences for fracking and oil/gas exploration and removing a sugar tax that has been effective in reducing children’s sugar intake from over advertising of “soft drinks” (should be called hard sugar drinks).

Her Government does not have a mandate to a) ruin children’s health prospects, or b) dig up more fossil fuels instead of investing in cheap renewables that solve the problem far more quickly without environmental damage.

Liz Truss will go down in history as an even worse PM than her predecessor. He was a serial liar. She smells like a dictator.

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