The Conservative Crisis

The Tories have damaged the UK.

It does not matter which candidate wins the election (although Sunak may be more credible than Truss, it is less likely the Tory faithful will vote him in), the Conservative Government have make terrible mistakes and committed terrible deprivations and I would allege, crimes, against the broad population.

Austerity was a misjudged policy, the referendum was mishandled, the hostile environment evolved into cruel deportations and if that was not enough the lies and ridiculous way in which Brexit was implemented (not what was voted for, and completely devastating to the people who did not support it, and our economic state), and the really awful Covid policies that wasted billions: this Government seems determined to eradicate itself.

The effect on the lives of the average citizen of the UK now promises to be totally devastating. What the hell did we do to deserve this? Nothing, we have a crooked election system that almost guarantees a Government that the majority did not vote for. And an outgoing PM who just kept lying and deception may buy votes for an election but it does not cause any positive result. And his replacement is probably going to be even worse just as we enter a winter of deathly horror.

It is revolting.

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