Much of our commentary about Brexit and its terrible disadvantages have been on newspaper chat boards, in particular The Guardian – see for all posts.

I have not been aware of any benefits to the UK economically, socially or security wise. Can you list them for me please?

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Brexit is nothing less than a massive con. It is not a success but you can not say it is not a failure when it clearly does nothing that works better than what we had before. The EU has better governance than this government has offered. Brexit required first class Government but instead we have these dishonest people who do not know what to do to make the best of a terrifying situation these United Kingdoms will face as they find their separate paths. It has wreaked havoc with political choice and destiny. We are less for it.

24th August 2021

The sad reality of Brexit is the reduction in real sovereignty of the British people as the Government celebrates the illusion of more power, in real terms the cake is smaller, made with less fresh ingredients and you will end up giving a larger slice to the tax man as the Government itself starts to starve. Their mistakes with Covid are horrific. Their entire philosophy with Brexit is madness.

24th January 2021

Labour voted in fear of a more profound Tory plot to cause no-deal to become a reality. It was a risk the country could not really face. A bad deal was preferred by the PM and his cabinet over the probably rather empty threat of no-deal. Why? Because they think it democratic? Because they think they can fool many of the voters who did not understand how the EU directly or indirectly benefitted them. And with the trade deal now preventing complete catastrophe, they will not feel the hard pinch of contrast of not having a deal. Which should not have been on the table, because it was supposed to give the UK a negotiation advantage and if that is what Boris has relied upon, it hardly worked. We are nowhere near our Golden Age of being a major player in the EU with this deal and the loss of freedom of movement. Labour voting for this deal is not as significant as the Tories will play it. It is just effectively stopped the ERG from having any more reason to extend their plan to rip apart any unity with our friends in Europe. Labour did not lose as many votes as the Tories did, today.

30 December 2020

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