Britain’s Import Crisis

The Government do not care, they do not want you to know but it will become totally obvious that the new import rules that apply from January 1st 2022 will limit the importation of goods from Europe to the UK.

The UK left the EU, the Customs Union and Single Market over a series of years since the completely ridiculous referendum result that gave the Conservative Government a conflict of interests. On one hand, the defeat of the Brexit Party (then UKiP) was seen as very important as the Brexit MEPs were making the UK look stupid in the EU Parliament. And they were ridiculous.

Then Boris Johnson realises his ambition to become the PM by promising to ‘get Brexit done’ and after appearing to want to stay in the Single Market, he decided to craft a tragic withdrawal agreement that basically was a hard Brexit with trade rules that have now translated into piles of red tape and paper work for those who want to import or export goods to our closest trading partners. The hope of a trade deal with the US was never going to be on the cards as the status of Northern Ireland was thrown into the negotiation and the Good Friday Agreement was at risk. Finally the resignation of the Brexit Secretary Lord Frost left the hard part to others. Others who do not really believe in it.

This leaves British business wide open to inflationary pressures during a time of crisis, the food supply is under threat. Prices for groceries are destined to rise. And we have a Government with an 80 seat majority that has demonstrated corrupt practises, mishandled the pandemic and is now mishandling the economy.

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