No Confidence in Davis

“The UK’s negotiators were badly led by David Davis, whose competence to carry out the trade talks next year is now deeply questionable.”

The Guardian

A vote of no confidence in the Brexit Secretary who negotiated like a bad poker player seems entirely appropriate and probably necessary. Theresa May had to intervene but still insists “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” which is fodder for the right-wing press but meaningless as those pre-conditions were signed.

All the Brexit die-hards who think that the way to negotiate is to threaten EU with the UK’s sudden departure, continuing to imply citizen rights are not finalised already, are not credible. Holding a gun to one’s own head is desperation at its worst.

It is a mess. Divisive and with an unclear path forward after 18 months of time wasted “negotiating”. The UK has agreed to the EU’s preconditions, basically, the PM folded as she had no choice, a hand dealt by Davis and 12 months too long to agree to the obvious.

Strong and Stable Government turns out to be uncertain and ineffective. And so we enter trade negotiations without confidence, even though the EU want us to get a reasonable deal, but not a better one than staying in would provide for both parties.

And this is what the Government remains fixated upon, satisfying a tricked “majority” which is destined to ruin the union.

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