The British Imperial Bubble

Back when England felt it needed to refresh the Treasury, it raided wealth from other lands. This expectation of privilege and being served by “lesser” peoples was an isolating neurosis of wealth. The “ruling classes” have no right to enslave others. The sense of community is lost when we isolate ourselves from each other. People who work together from a sense of community and need do not suffer from that neurosis until their leaders become isolated by success and distrust.

The Brexit phenomena is simply a hark back to privilege over community. Isolation is a path to neurosis. We need a new Europe, a new deal for all peoples but by turning our back on the EU, we have effectively isolated ourselves into our own little bubble. Unfortunately, the British Empire and our old addictions are no longer available. Brexitland is a brave new world that seems to have no real GNP apart from “services” which we have no exclusive right to. The £ crashed and the FTSE jumped. Brexit is a bubble it will break our economy.

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