Note to a Brexit supporter

Good luck with your beliefs and ideals. They are not shared by people who have lives entwined with Europe who think Brexit is a disaster for their children based on very isolated views about an economic advantage that are simply lies and propaganda. I can only ask you if being in the EU caused you to have your life uprooted? If you think that granted citizens rights should then be subject to negotiation for incorrectly perceived political popularity or economic dominance? The Leave vote was only to leave the EU. Never the Single Market or the Customs Union. “Brexit means Brexit” is therefore not the thing that was voted for, and the no-deal cliff edge is an outcome you want? Really? Goodbye if you can not defend your point of view. It is not just about a false referendum result. It is also common sense. My rights as a British European are threatened. Membership of the EU does not threaten the UK. Brexit does.

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