Broken Britain

Our democratic right to vote for what nobody really wants should be respected? The Conservatives and Labour do not even have policies or people any real majority respect, so does our political system evolve a future we even want? Brexit is an invention that has little to do with the terms of the referendum. When people decided, based on lies, to “leave the EU”, they did not vote on the EEA. They did not even know what they meant. And this government does not either. There is no “majority”.

We would do better to realise that our system of Government is plainly broken and construct a far better one. After WW2, the EU did that and now 27 countries have a more united front, perhaps an ability to discuss, even evolve. Our 4 countries do not. We have many politicians who are worse than useless. What a mess the UK is becoming. We were a leader in Europe under Churchill, even under Thatcher or Blair. Now we are being ridiculous, self-destructive and wasting time bickering about the terms of our surrender instead of taking initiative in a united Europe we helped to create.

Guardian article

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