Election choices

It is not really correct to say that Lib Dems were so power hungry that even a coalition with the Conservatives was desirable.

The voters made the Conservates the party with the most votes and the country was facing a financial cliff-edge. The simple fact that subscribing to the notion that austerity was the cure led them into difficult territory from day one. Conservative behaviour at best deceitful, possibly better described as treachery, undermined Lib Dem authority and still does.

It is a sad commentary that we may elect a weak economic plan and unstable leader in May over deciding that the Lib Dems would be better financial managers as well as having a better chance of building bridges to keep the single market. Lib Dem’s economic plan should provide double the sad level the Tories would. I also agree that our best and brightest politician is Caroline Lucus. Why people nearly ignore the Green Party and vote Labour is the disparity, even if Jeremy has demonstrated a solid grasp of political leadership that has totally evaporated from May.

May is obviously the worst choice ever given to the electorate. It is very concerning that she was only the default candidate to lead the conservatives, their front bench is that weak, it is bound to cause years of instability.

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