The Election

Theresa May is the worst leader in modern times.

Under the guise of giving back control to the people, she presents a manifesto that sells out the population to the inadequacy of Tory Governments past and future.

The financial crisis was due to banks, subprime mortgages and derivate insanity. It was not Labour’s fault and yet the Tory soundbite teeth have dug into the electorate’s subconscious. And now look at the result. A manifesto that blames the people for the mistakes of Government. Takes nutrition away from children, sells off everyone’s family silver.

Free education, free nutrition for all children, equality and human rights? According to her philosophy, we do not deserve any advantage unless it is foreign-owned business investment.

The Tories have sold us down the river so their hedge funded aging whizz kids can reduce us to zero-hour economic units of cost.

Theresa May will not defend her policy. She is the worst political leader since King John.

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