PM Debates

Labour’s Grahame Morris asks why May is afraid of TV debates. One should be held in Easington, he says, where May could see the impact of her policies.

May says she has been debating Corbyn every week.

The need for a live filmed debate is to allow the field of potential future ministers a chance to confront the Government and each other’s policies and get the frequently asked questions answered with some indication of what one party or another may do to service the needs of society.

May instead is playing the public, with the same level of sincerity and conveying a vacuum of information with her quaint, sharp and pointy answers, like the one above.

Not information, just plain old bullying tactics. “Shut up”, she says, “you will know nothing”, to the British public but with an accent that is pitched, measured and authoritarian with a supremest condescending attitude.

I do not like the way that people see her cold and dictatorial manner as a quality of “leadership”. Her EU Migrant negotiating stance only means she is making a stick for the back of the Home Office with her tactic of keeping 3.2 million European citizens of Britain in the dark as a special gift for the Brexit voters she appeases.

What if she does not get a majority but the responsibility of forming the Government falls on Tim Farron and the Lib Dems? They are better at governing than the Tories. And maybe Labour is, also. Now, I would rather work with Tim as a boss than Theresa. Jeremy is either a tremendously calm and clever man, or he simply epitomises the socialist instincts of working middle England. Do we really want to continue shrinking what our government does for us, while increasing what we do for it? Phoning a Government department demonstrates how wasteful of public time the Government will be under the Tories.

In the end, it is about leadership? Or is it, in fact, the fabrication of the spin doctors that we believe that is going to lead us into a very uncertain Britain that the Tories control without any restraint. Look at how they are handling immigration? Why start your negotiation by establishing a point of weakness? By not declaring the rights of citizens, Theresa May has already made negotiations about that before trade will be talked about.

This election is a chance for Leave voters to change their mind. It is a chance for the Remain voters to re-state their complete objection to Brexit. It is an election. The say belongs to the British public once again as the Tories leadership can not make up its own mind.

The UTurns and chaos of the May administration hides behind sound-bites and repetition of pet phrases which become gospel for the unthinking voter. Unfortunately, there appear to be many who are resigned to losing their rights and economy.

It is up to the rest of us to make it clear:

* The Lib Dems means we stay in the EU, Vince Cable could be in line for the Treasury, perhaps some awkward settling in, followed by years of growth and stability as we lead as a restored full member of the EU.
* Labour sounds like it would negotiate for our rights and trade access and restore social services and invest in the future. They are more likely to get a deal.
* Conservatives will do whatever is good for the very wealthy including the elimination of all social services, the death of the NHS and becoming a full-time client of the USA. May is more likely to give up on negotiations as the result she wants can be be generated by both Hard Brexit and Extreme Brexit.

UKiP’s presence in the election is not significant. No-one wants to be governed by Paul Nuttall.

It would be good for the Greens to pick up more seats.

The message has changed. Brexit is now again up for discussion!

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