A third of European companies expect to cut investment spending due to Brexit uncertainties and a tenth of those with operations in the Britain plan to pull out of the country, a survey of 600 euro zone firms, by Swiss bank UBS, found.

The uncertainty generated by a series of statements by the British PM, Theresa May, is starting to cause disinvestment in the UK economy by companies in Europe. Knowing or saying this is not an attempt to project fear, but to inform those who make business decisions on what actions they are being forced to make by the anti-progressive stance of the UK Government pursuing Brexit no matter the cost to the British people and Europe.

If the Government does not hurry up to guarantee rights to the EU citizens living in and providing a net Tax gain to the country, it could cause many to plan to depart along with British Europeans who see no future in a Tory locked in tax haven where the wealthy ride rough-shod over the middle-classes driving then into poverty.

Saying No to this government has become the priority. Protest this Saturday 25 March in London.

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