Labour Remains

Imagine this. Labour votes against Brexit, causing a General Election in 2019 with Labour announcing their Staying in Europe policy. 48% or perhaps more of the voting public would vote for them (or the SNP). Okay, so some Remain voters have been called names and pretended that they accept Brexit as a fait accompli, but many Leave voters will change their mind as inflation cuts into their ability to keep ahead of their bills.

With frozen income and supermarket prices escalating, Theresa May’s popularity has evaporated, as has support for the results of her threatening 27 other countries with the prospect of the UK becoming a tax haven after they would not budge on the access issues without freedom of movement. With a reduced population of professionals, doctors and scientists the economy is possibly in trouble.

Exports by known British brands become imports from European companies. Earnings from overseas students reduces University fees. Belgium again says without freedom of movement, there can be no access. Britain settles for the Customs Union and the PM presents her case to Parliament. The Labour leader says it was not good enough and challenges her to a vote which she loses. The Liberal Democrats form an alliance with labour targetting a number of marginal seats. Labour gets a majority with 48% of the vote, equating to a significant seat majority in coalition with Lib Dem.

Or, imagine that Brexit negotiations run without issue, Theresa May has managed to maintain limited access to the Single Market, 3 million Europeans have citizenship in the UK and the British Ex-Pat community continues on in Europe.

Which scenario do you think is a fairy tale?

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