The Lords

I trust the EU a hell of a lot more than this dictatorial Tory Government who have strayed from their own manifesto and therefore have executed a coup due to the clamouring desire to paint the EU as somehow against us. They are people, just like the British. And human rights should trump nationalistic small minded thinking. No, I do not trust Theresa May except to believe she will inflict the worst period of austerity ever under the guise of “British independence”. Yes, that is evil. Britain is not evil, but has bought this anti-EU rhetoric without really having an alternative plan for the future of our once very wealthy little country. Brexit devalued our wealth by 18% and the effects of that are about to bite.

The referendum itself gave those British citizen short shrift when it came to recognising their voice in this matter. This entire scheme is one that serves the rabid right and will cost everyone else their freedom. The best protection is to enter negotiations without the threat of 3 million political refugees being forcibly repatriated.

If that is how Theresa May thinks negotiations work, then God help the UK. We are trusting such amateur hands. Boris has not a diplomatic bone in his bloated self, Fox thinks he is Big Brother and Nigel Farage hovers over our future like a fading and attention hungry ghoul.

If we protect the rights of the EU citizens we have already accepted, we will not be seen as a pariah and our citizens overseas are more likely to be accepted too. If we keep deporting people, and keep EU citizens in the dark as to their status and rights, then we enter negotiations being seen as unreasonable actors, and this will delay progress. The Lords are right. The Government is being undiplomatic.

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