Brexit Not At Any Cost

Dear Baroness Blackstone

I am a British born citizen and a proud European having travelled around Europe as a army service child.  I am writing to ask you for your help as I believe you are our only hope in trying to reverse or stop the impeding disaster about to befall our United Kingdom, in the form of a hard Brexit.

Theresa May, previously a Remain supporter is our unelected PM.  Since taking office she has rapidly morphed into a near-dictator, empowered and driven onwards by a hard core cabal within her very right-wing Tory party.  Their obsession to radically cut loose from the EU and Brexit at any cost, as swiftly as possible, will profoundly damage and change our United Kingdom irretrievably. They will damage it in a myriad of critical ways that they clearly have not considered or analysed in any serious depth.

Why were there no plans in place for this?  Why has it taken months for us to see any proposal from the Government? Why will they not tell the truth, it was an “advisory referendum”, it was never binding. There was a 4% margin between Leave and Remain. How does that constitute a huge majority? Only 37% of electorate people voted to leave.

The long awaited White-paper was a poorly scripted wish list without content or structure and largely a regurgitation of May’s contradictory speech at Lancaster house.

Where are the costings? What about the terrible life changing repercussions on people who wish to retain their European identity, Citizenship, rights and freedoms of movement?  The EU citizens left waiting in agonising limbo to know whether they are to be deported because they do not now fulfil Home Office criteria. These are people who have made Britain their home, who contribute to this country, they pay taxes.  Some of them for years!

The People’s Challenge and Gina Miller valiantly fought hard to seek Parliamentary Sovereignty, ultimately fighting it out at the Supreme Court, to stop Theresa May from behaving like a Tudor Monarch with supreme power. She has since the Supreme court ruling simply sidestepped Parliamentary scrutiny, and repeated demands for some level of transparency as to where she intends to lead the Country.

Mp’s have been whipped into voting against their own beliefs with the endless repeated mantra of “will of the people” ringing relentlessly in their ear by the hard core cabal. This is propaganda continuously shouted but is no longer the truth and never was! Many polls will show that the real “will of the majority of people” is to Remain, especially as it is becoming more obvious to many more people that this is a monumental disaster for our Country.

Theresa May has consistently marginalised, demonised and ignored Remain people who represent almost half the Country and now include many more Remain voters.

Tony Blair stood up for Remain in his speech on Friday 17th February, knowing he would be vilified and abused by the rabid right wing press and the hard core Brexit bunch. He courageously and bravely gave a speech advocating we rise up and fight for our right to reverse or stop May from taking this Country over a cliff without an extensive debate and scrutiny. Tony Blair knows as well as most intelligent, informed Remain people that leaving the EU at this unstable time is a huge mistake both for Britain but also Europe and the peace project.

To pursue Brexit at any costs means the destruction of our Kingdom, and will damage the NI peace process. May simply ignores the devolutions and rather contemptuously dismisses their concerns.

We did not vote for Brexit at any cost. We did not vote to make our Country poorer and have to endure more austerity.  We did not vote to leave the single market, customs union, or to loose our position on the world stage. Our reputation as a tolerant, open, diverse culture is rapidly diminishing in the eyes of many.  We did not vote to see our precious NHS sold off in chunks and privatised.

In fixating only on Brexit this Government is not doing its job, they should be looking after our disenfranchised poor people, our disabled, our elderly,  offering social reform, educational reform, supporting our Scientific research. Saving our NHS.

We did not vote to engage with a misogynistic, racist, bigoted US President who is quite likely to be impeached shortly. We should be looking to reform and reshape our relationship with our partners within the EU, not becoming a 51st State of America!
We are now a deeply divided Country of extremes, in terms of education, social, political and culturally.

We will never unite under Theresa May. Her enormous lie suggesting she has the backing of 64 million is quite staggering. This Government has consistently shown their incompetence and their indifference to the people of this Country, notably Remain, EU citizens, expats in EU, our devolutions, our youth.

If only Cameron had spoken out with courage and truth and said at the time  “ah, this is an advisory referendum, but we hear you, and we will help put it right” instead of leaving a broken, divided, angry Britain that has now unleashed a pandoras box of racism and xenophobic behaviour, and rising hate crimes. The brain drain is already happening.

I implore you as a member of the House of Lords, please do your duty to save our Country from this unmitigated travesty, before it is too late to stop May from insanely dragging us all off a steep cliff that will have dire consequences and repercussions for decades. Please amend, delay, block Article 50. Time is a critical factor and the Remain movement is gaining huge momentum day by day. Please give us the time to demand that the people have a right to change their minds.

Kind regards
Fiona Wilsher – Artist (fiona scott-wilson) – turned Remain activist.

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