Brexit Types

There appear to be four motivations behind voters who voted leave:

1. They were lied to

2. They stand to benefit by it (politically or financially)

3. They are complete bastards

4. They are morons who listen to one or more of the above.

There may be a fifth category:

5. Those lucky types who can see benefits that are completely out of the blue and do not follow any normal pattern of logic. (Morons do not listen to lucky types, or they would not be morons).

Any good voter who trusted that because the UK was one of the key ingredients of a successful EU; as we stand to benefit hugely by the whole continent being home to our people; as well as their own skilled workers feeling free to drift towards where their skills are rewarded, developed and shared. The huge melting pot that brought British companies into the 21st-century reality of interconnected international trading and shared intellectual resources resulting in such great things as a space programme, advances in medical science, better cars and cheap GMO-free natural produce (and wine, let’s not forget the wine).

Remainers are not moaning. They may lament the controlling nature of one of the four types above taking over the sanity of a set of sensible regulations to make the friction of trade far lower and thus economic benefits to be far more likely to occur. But instead we must look forward to deals done by a government, that has already proven its credentials to be cruel to those in need. Political pressure to negotiate deals that do not benefit the poor will increase. Is that how Theresa May intends to negotiate? Or is it her singular objective. Those who have not been chosen by God can be ignored.

Leavers seem to have formed the chimera of a cult binding them to fixed terms of thought, ways to answer questions, almost robotically. Sure some of them are intelligent and there may even be a few saints amoung them. I have met a few Leavers who have genuine faith in Britain’s ability to stand up and be counted and want to be a part of the great ship leaving Southhampton. Personally, I am happy to wave them off into their great adventure on HMS Titanic.

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  1. So the motivations of protest voters, anti eu migration and anti straight banana voters (of whom there seem to be quite a few) aren’t motivations ? I suppose the banana people are category 4 though.

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