Article 50 Triggering

PM Theresa May dares MPs to cross her and the “will of the people” when she attempts to expedite legislation through Parliament with the minimum of discussion after realising their appeal to the Supreme Court may fail to overturn the law.

This aggressive stance attempts to silence dissent and continues to evidence a level of shrill panic that the PM may face disobedience by MPs. “The Will of the People” continues to be used as a political battering ram against common sense. The country remains divided but the resurgence in confidence by the people who want the UK to remain in the EU is on the rise.

The politicians meantime acknowledge Brexit as inevitable, but is it? Why should the ideal of a united Europe be relegated because of the clamor of the mob? Clearly represented by the seditious rag, The Daily Mail who name and shame judges of the Supreme Court, the Leave voters are single-minded in their attempt to “take back” a country that was never given away.

Soft Brexit is simply not an option. It is either relegation to the wilderness of isolation for several years while the Government tries to get its trading negotiation act together, or the status quo.

Immigration is a problem. Both sides of the divide acknowledge this, but for different reasons. There are too many people in London and the infrastructure for transport can not take the increased load. There is an absence of skill development (making new teachers, doctors and scientists used to be something the UK was extremely good at) for the long term because of the discredited programme of austerity that sought to deal with a massive increase in the deficit due mainly to the actions of tax dodgers that vote Conservative and not the Labour Government of Gordon Brown that actually saved the banks in 2008. And for what? Or the Lib Dems who kept David Cameron from making a fool of himself which he promptly did when given the reigns of Government without them whispering wisdom into his ear.

No, we are being sold by the Tories. We are being cast into a new form of slavery by this stupid Government. Zac Goldsmith must be relieved that he is no longer their poster boy.

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