My letter to Anna Soubry….please reconsider your decision….

Hello Anna

I felt compelled to write to you because you are one of the very few sane Minister’s that appear to know and understand the enormity of the damage Brexit will invoke, and the obvious unmitigated damage and destruction it will cause to our tarnished and diminishing Country. You are also aware of ” the empress has no clothes on!”…. and clearly Teresa May has no plan other then appeasing the hardliners.

I am an artist but since June 23rd I have become a vocal activist for the ever growing Remain movement which is gaining in momentum quite substantially. We are not as vocal as the mob rule, nor do we resort to threatening or bullying tactics! We need to be challenging this Government very loudly and opposing it, and we are achieving that slowly with tactical voting. The Witney result was a combined effort with the Libdems. We are going to ensure a Pro EU MP is elected in every by-election. We will win the Richmond by-election next. So it will not be long before the Libdems become the voice of opposition because they are the only party speaking for Remain and staying in the EU. We are fighting for our rights and freedom of movement and will do whatever it takes to retain our EU citizenship. It will be a sustained battle because we will not give up these rights on the basis of a small minority “advisory referendum” vote. Teresa May has continued to marginalise, demonise and ignore all Remain people which is totally outrageous. She is pandering to the 37% leave voters. She has not asked those who abstained, didn’t vote, many of the expats and our future generation the 16+ voters whether they wish to leave.

We have done as you had advised and written to our MP’s but many of them are taking the line of least resistance despite being elected to represent the best interests of the “people”. They are curtailing to the threat of the mob rule brigade. But they are not considering the majority of people only a small minority. It was only 37% who voted to leave, it was in no way a huge ratio. Why has the Government highjacked this “advisory referendum ” and insisting they must go ahead with the ” will of the people” when it is clear there has been a huge shift in public opinion. The result would now be the other way around and there is plenty of evidence to support this. .

I read your recent article Anna, where you expressed your anger and frustrations, and that you had finally reached a decision to not vote against triggering Article 50. I wanted to respectfully ask you to reconsider this. You have been a strong voice for Remain, we have looked to you as a rational voice of reason. I totally appreciate that you feel you must vote this way because you told people you would respect the outcome. But no one could possibly predict the catastrophic damage this will subsequently invoke. We will be a divided Nation for many years, we will no longer be a United Kingdom because Scotland will seek a way to stay in the EU, so independence will be their focus. There are serious issues for NI and for Gibraltar, they all voted to Remain in the EU.

I ask why this cannot be resolved by another referendum or another way other then shooting ourselves in the head and heart ?

If Teresa May continues to act like a dictator without a plan and insists she will take this country over the cliff, history will record this moment as the time she destroyed Britain.

So whilst I respect your integrity, i ask you to reconsider your decision. We must stand up against this because it is not in the best interests of this country as a whole, it is not right just to consider the 37% who voted to leave! What about the rest of us?

Please do not give up on the Remain people Anna.

If we are dragged out of the EU then many professionals like myself and my partner will relocate to Europe and take our chances over there. We have become a nasty country, so Teresa May has achieved her intent of reducing numbers of people, no one would feel welcome in Britain anymore.

Best wishes
Fiona Scott-Wilson

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