Letter to Anna Soubry

“Look, people should be cross. People should be cross. And I feel very guilty about that. We voted for the Referendum Act without understanding the consequences of a leave vote. We told people it was binding, but now we don’t know, and it’s quite concerning that none of these things were explored before parliament decided. It’s all of our faults. All of us. Every single one of us.” – from article in The Guardian

Nevertheless, she has come to the decision that she will vote for article 50.

It is not convincing to hear such resignation about an important decision. If Soubry is not going to represent the 48% of voters, (and probably now more than 55%) who do not agree one iota with Brexit as a good move for the country, then who will represent them?

Our Parliament is supposed to be representative. Clearly, it is running scared of Leave voter backlash. However, it is probably more true that many Conservative voters will not support that party if they trigger Article 50.

The complete lack of reaction by the Leave campaign to the horrific murder of an MP is undignified and speaks of a gloriously vacuous future for this broken nation. This arrogant mess of fools corrupted by lies.

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