.A Reply back to my MP ….

Dear Mr Tugendhat

I very much appreciate the time you have taken in writing a response to my letter. Your reply was not the usual ‘cut and paste” platitudes saying the same mantra ” will of the people” . It seems the majority of MP’s are simply fobbing off their Constituents with this mindless response to the devastated Remain people, incidentally we represent half of the Country, as well as Scotland, NI and Gibraltar.
May I remind you that it is only 37% of voters who actually voted to leave the EU and that does not represent a huge majority, nor did the ‘advisory referendum” dictate a mandate as to how we would leave the EU. I am not clear as to where you think it was 50 percent, it was not!

The fact that Teresa May continues to marginalise half the Country, and has yet again fanned the flames of xenophobia and abusive rhetoric by not coming out in defence of our judiciary is utterly reprehensible. Her behaviour is becoming more like a dictator and is creating ever greater divisions and chaos. She has made no attempt to try to be the voice of reason and respectful acknowledgement of the Remain people, we are simply demonised and ignored. She continues to allow mob rule to influence this decision and repeatedly states ‘will of the people” .How is it possible to make such a huge Constitutional change without a huge majority vote? 37% is not even half the electorate.

The legal challenge was won by the People’s challenge, it clearly states Teresa May has no authority to simply do as she pleases without Parliamentary scrutiny. I suspect that the Supreme Court will say the same, it is a rule of law! Teresa May seems to think she is a law unto herself and is powering ahead. Where are the challenges to this tyranny? Why do you not challenged her ? Where is the opposition?
There is enough evidence to show how deeply damaging this decision is to our Country, surely the people of the UK are entitled to know before its too late what and how their lives will be shaped, and for more than half of us against our will. The fact that a small majority is dictating the lives of the many and Teresa May is pandering to the mob rule as we all know.
There is ‘People opposition’ out there Tom, it will become more obvious with tactical voting, and eventually we will vote out this divisive Government.

I no longer recognise this Country as an open , tolerant, multicultural visionary one where we were leaders not isolationists who are no longer looking outwards.
As an artist recently turned activist, my partner, a clever, highly skilled IT contractor and I will now plan to leave Britain, as will many professional people who are deeply dismayed and frightened by the way this Country is going. I now see there is little point in trying to fight for my rights and freedom of movements. Britain will now change irretrievably and it will not be in a progressive, open way. I am afraid the World looks on in horror at the insanity of what is happening here and history will record this critical moment in time when those in authority should have done more to stop this from happening.
I doubt quality or talented people would wish to come to Little Britain now. So the bigoted few will be able to pull up the drawbridge and become an isolated little Island.
Italy, despite its troubles looks far more inviting then my own Country of birth.

Good luck Tom, I am sure you will do your best for your Constituents. I suspect quite a number will need a shoulder to weep on after this!

Best wishes
Fiona Wilsher
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