Economic decline

As we have predicted, and now experts are warning: an imminent economic squeeze due to the rapid decline of the pound followed by the inevitable declining economic activity as the UK acts out its racist insanity and people start to look elsewhere including banks, professionals and indeed 30% of the NHS staff feel they need to make new plans: we face a new recession, the “May Depression” is the terrible reality of Brexit: even before Article 50 is triggered.

The problem with this is that the protection of Europeans working in Britain is being used as a negotiating chip, therefore the protection of the UK Expats in Europe is unstable. This Government is taking a war-like stance in negotiation with our closest friends. The entire premise of this Government keeping their negotiation stance secret will result in further damage to the UK economy. Theresa May was trying to use the Royal Prerogative to circumnavigate the role of Parliament, indeed she still intends to force this issue by appealing to the Supreme Court (and perhaps, ironically, the European Court?) to override the fundamental constitutional law the High Court judges have indicated apply in this case. It is a democratic necessity for Parliament to examine the terms of Brexit.

The economic tide will change the minds of many of the British. The hardline Brexit camp will never change their minds. But as their children can not pay the mortgage, as families can not feed their children, as people lose their jobs: inevitably it will become clear even to UKiP voters: Brexit with no plan is simply bad governance. We have a weak, intransigent and determined Government that is a danger to us all.

The Opposition needs to get its act together.

Article: The Guardian

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