Projecting Fear or Responsibility?

After Brexit the UK will have a prolonged recession. Is this Liberal/Left-Wing bias with its press “at it again”. Is this “Project Fear 2 – The Aftermath” or is it simply the truth?

And if it is true that Brexit will ruin the United Kingdom, would the Leave mob who profess Brexit answers all their own petty concerns by creating much worse problems for everyone. The way they go on with their propaganda in comments boards is laughable. Self-serving argument is meaningless. Repeating their “suck it up” mantra and abusing people they perceive from overseas is nothing less than school yard bully tactics and has no meaning in political discourse.

Seeing the country sink into this inane depravity is like seeing the land your grandchildren will inherit turning into a war-zone where the gun speaks loudest and segregation and death is the eventual consequence. That is why Remainers carry on with their reasons and political activism. We can not let our country fall into self-harm.

See The Guardian

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