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Dear Mr Ashdown

I read your heartfelt article where you expressed your sadness over the shocking referendum vote and the subsequent fall out associated with all things Brexit! I want my Country back too so I have decided to write to you to ask you why you are just excepting this travesty without a fight?

We all know it was an “advisory referendum” that should never have happened because there was no plan in place for either to Leave or to Remain, and yes we know the EU needs reforming. The very narrow margin of voters who pushed it towards a Leave vote were under the impression it would be to the benefit of the Country, the NHS, and our Sovereignty . Nearly five months on the pervading feeling in the Country is one of fear, dismay, desolation and increasing anger from Remain people,  a marginalised, demonised, and forgotten half of the Country that is ignored in favour of a mob rule and hard Brexit Tories who are obviously motivated by other agendas.

How has the Tory Government been allowed to highjack an “advisory referendum ” and make it a mandate to do exactly as they want under the mantra of ” will of the people” which is simply not true. The ratio of votes actually break down to considerably more for Remain when you factor in Scotland, NI and Gibraltar, Remain – 16, 141,241, didnt vote, 12,949,258, cant vote, 18,604,470. There has been a definite shift in public opinion with at least an additinal 6% of people now wanting to stay in the EU.

The Tory Government rhetoric since the referendum has been deeply concerning, and damaging they have fanned the flames of xenophobia, racism  and are using EU citizens and expats as political pawns in potential negotiations, how utterly disgusting! They are behaving like a tyrannical, blinkered Government  and continue without opposition as a one party  dictatorship.

How can Teresa May continue to be so intractable and insistent with pursuing what is obviously irretrievably damaging and destructive for this Country.? On the basis of a flawed, inaccurate ‘advisory referendum “? There is hard evidence to support this is a disaster which is reflected by the shrinking  pound, now the worst performing currency in the World. Bankers with fingers on the relocate button, so an economic meltdown potentially.

Will politicians, MP’s simply sitback and not protest against the breakup of our United Kingdom? Teresa May has already been called out in a leaked speech to Goldman Sachs so she knows this is a dangerously self inflicted Constitutional vandalism, which she does not have to go ahead with.

If the judiciary vote in favour of the People’s challenge she should allow Parliament to vote on whether we should continue with this disaster. At a time of scary instability this is not the moment to isolate ourselves as a  sad diminished little unprotected  island.

We are already damaged in the eyes of the World, we are no longer seen as an open minded, tolerant, Country. Teresa May has been offensively antagonistic towards the EU leaders, because she is not experienced in European culture. How does she think she will get a good deal for the Country now? She has been warned the EU 27 hold all the negociating cards. The EU have had a shock so now they are galvanised and into reforming and uniting. Instead of having a place at the  table and help reform we will be out in the cold.

I ask you Paddy Ashdown what will the elected MP’s choose to do ? Stand by and let this unmitigated disaster happen with just an empty mantra ” will of the people ” endless platitudes , which is not an accurate reflection of the people’s will anymore, a good example of tactical  voting that will now happen at every by election. Witney being one for the only Pro EU party fighting against Brexit! We will win Ricmond  in order to send  Teresa May a strong message NO to Brexit!

At least fight for the right to insist that Parliament has a vote and the whole Country is asked whether the deal is good enough, fair enough and in the best interests of this Country.

I know you to be a man of principle which is why as an artist turned activist i have written to you, to  beg for your intervention. I wish to remain a European, what do i have to do to retain my rights and freedom of movement?

Kind regards

Fiona Scott-Wilson –

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