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Hello Edward

Firstly , thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to reply to my message of thanks to you for your written support in the Witney campaign. It was much appreciated!

Yes indeed, we are hoping that Teresa May will become increasingly uncomfortable about the ever growing Remain movement that is gaining in momentum and will soon become a force that she simply cannot ignore any longer! As suggested we are the insurgents now!

The Country is in the grip of a crisis that threatens to escalate in such a detrimental way as to threaten the breakup of the UK, whilst crashing the economy. What is even more alarming is instead of trying to unite the divided Country, Teresa May and her Government are fanning the flames of destructive rhetoric, that sounds xenophobic, racist and echos shades of Nazi Germany!
I am deeply distressed and frightened by what is happening in Britain on a number of issues. How is it possible that an “advisory referendum ” has now been highjacked by a Tory Government to impose its own mandate to do as they please under the mantra “the will of the people”.
Teresa May will certainly know that this is not the truth, the outcome of this referendum which was based on lies, misinformation, fear, confusion was voted on by a % of people who voted. The vote ratio was Leave – 17,410,742 Remain 16,141,241, Didnt vote, 12,949,258, Cant vote, 18,604,470 – Scotland, NI, Gibraltar, all voted to Remain!
How can this Government continue to ignore the “will of the Remain people” when there has now been a shift and at least an additional number of  6% of voters  and counting now wish to stay in the EU.

This intractable insistence without a debate and the chance for people to decide is causing mayhem and its reflected in the shrinking pound, which is now the worst performing currency in the World currently! Its reflected in the Banks hovering on the relocate button, business is suffering, everyone is suffering except the hardened Brexiteers who care nothing about others or how the Country will deteriorate just as long as they ” take back control” – which is ironic as this Government is behaving more like a dictatorship and refusing to allow for a Parliamentary debate and vote on this shambles!

The appalling usage of people being toyed with as political pawns is disgraceful both for the millions of decent, hardworking EU citizens who have made their home here and contribute higher levels of tax and the millions of expat citizens now disenfranchised and in fearful limbo about their future rights and freedom of movement and the possibility of deportation.
How can this be right or fair ? How can this be happening in the 21stCentury ?

I ask you Edward, what can we do to ensure Teresa May is held accountable for the many millions of lives she will destroy with this increasingly dangerous and disastrous decision to pull us out kicking and screaming from the EU where we have been entwined together for over forty years, in peace and relative harmoney which could be reformed. Its inconceivable that this should be happening at such an unstable and challenging time with conflicts all over the World. Why on earth would this Government seek to reduce this Country to an isolated island with the drawbridge up, and an unwelcoming attitude to anyone who is not a white Brit, because that  is the message this Government is spewing out to Europe!

We currently await the judicial ruling which is bound to be contested in the Supreme Court.
If the Government is allowed to trigger Article 50 then that sets a dangerous precedent and I think we would no longer be a democratic Country.

What are your thoughts on this Edward? Are we likely to see MP’s standing up and opposing this mayhem and those who voted to remain stand by their word and do the honourable thing or are we the people just going to be ignored, marginalised, demonised and called weasels by our PM for actually daring to suggest that she is making a monumental mistake that will take decades to undo.
Where is the opposition, when will someone shout out “the empress does not have any clothes on”!

I look forward to your thoughts on this most critical situation Edward.

Kind regards

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