Letter to Brexit Voters

You made your mind up before the referendum to send a message to Whitehall. Well done, you really outdid yourselves voting for a vacuum that has so far sucked away the contents of No 10 and No 11 Downing Street and replaced them with new inhabitants who appear to be less than genuine. Even with one another and themselves*.

Here is what you have bought in Brexit:

1. Over 65s, Pensioners
You got what you wanted – to undo this fatal embrace with the WW2 enemy, Napolean, and Ghengis Khan. A return to the good old days you can not really remember, not so much due to your failing mind but because they did not happen. The years of rebuilding before Britain joined the EU gave your sons and daughters work. The modern world does not fit with your view which is a heavily decorated version of “the simple days”. Sorry, darlings, they do not exist. Nigel Farage would rather bury you than see you happy into your years ahead.

2. Under average income families and individuals
Just Managing Families were identified as being vulnerable, but what does Brexit mean to you. Befoe it starts you will see rising prices at the supermarket till. Probably rising every week until we have replaced the Single Market. Unless we stay in it. And that means freedom of movement.

3. Exporters
Immediate advantages from a cheap £ mean you can sell more. But can you produce more? Growth is threatened by Government’s determination to create a market confusion about how hard Brexit keeps our trade links alive. It takes a lifetime to build some businesses’ trading relationships. It is a spider’s web – each part relies on other parts. If we take 5 or 10 years to negotiate with the EU and even if we are lucky enough to establish new markets in time, your sales increase will be short lived and replaced by an increase in your costs of sales as your transportation costs multiply, and staff demand pay increases.

4. Importers
The continual drop in the value of the UK currency will cause inflation. People will have less cash to pay for your investment in goods that you paid for in a declining currency. You are likely to find your business wonderful, then slowly watch it fall back to smaller than when you had the ability to buy tariff-free products.

5. Footballers
The UK is no longer invited to compete in the European Football League. Horray?

Brexit caused the crisis of a resigning PM that resulted somehow in a “remainer moderate” taking the office and bringing her experience in the draconian arts of trying to stem immigration as Home Secretary. Theresa May inherited the leadership role of the party as though it were her entitlement. She also assumed the nature of a monarch or dictator, perhaps thinking her personal involvement would have to mean certain success in controlling events.

She had sent out vans to put immigrants off staying in this country in a thinly disguised misguided and can be seen as a racist campaign. What has she done now, what hidden agenda is she following?

Brexit is like a slow train crash. It will cause us to lose our economic position in the world unless Theresa May has repainted those vans with slogans that solve all the unnecessary problems Brexit is going to create. For you.

You voted for it.

*See also: Brexit is a case our conflicted PM shouldn’t have taken on – The Guardian

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