Brexit Variations

Hard Brexit is a ridiculously bad idea. Out in the open air, without the single market to maintain our trade relationships we are approaching the world, not as the old hand we were during Victoria’s time, but an out of tune elephant economy with all the negotiating finesse of burnt toast.

Soft Brexit sounds like wet burnt toast. Perhaps you may ask what is the point when you do not control immigration? Well, I would argue that freedom of movement is the best safety valve we have for a population that in some areas has grown too quickly and others where demand is chronically low. Freedom of movement of a large population into and out of our country increases effectiveness and efficiently. The only point made in soft brexit is the retaking of European laws into the British law book, the repatriation of laws is revealingly called “The Great Repeal Bill”. A name that nakedly reveals the intention is to repeal the law that creates the British relationship with Europe.

The Great Repeal Bill is when parliament votes us out of Europe. The triggering of Article 50 is the actual cliff face, but repeal of the act creates the slippery slide, it makes it inevitable.

The problem with Brexit in these terms is that there is no good way that the purpose of it can be achieved without causing terrible side effects of economic damage, or the potential for civil unrest. It has already stimulated racist aggression in the most extraordinary display of thuggish brutality,

The Government has no idea. No idea how to fix the problems in the economy with the single market, but when we are faced with making deals all over the world, we risk years of severe depression, as we are not an export economy, the dropping pound is not such good news.

Another better path to Brexit, a more democratic way is to create the Royal Federation of Great British Countries: call it Great Britain. It is an active member of the EU and allows freedom of movement, except for in one country in this federation, England.

It gives its citizens an option to take English citizenship with English rights. England can freely trade with its neighbours.
Any British businesses can be registered in any country as a British business, or an English business. Different trade relationships exist. Britain is a member of the EU. England is not. London is made into the capital of Britain and contains a federal government.

The Government of England is located in Oxford. England can negotiate free trade with any territory in the world and sets of quota of net growth of European movement of people. This can be controlled with renewable working visas.

When Europeans work in England, they can apply for and obtain a 5 year working visa, and there is an annual quota of these available that can be adjusted when English people go and live in Europe. British citizens can opt for Britsh European citizenship which means they have to apply for a work permission to work in England, but not London where freedom of movement exists. Work permissions are granted in priority to Working visa – but English people can not work in Europe unless they become British European citizens.

This would have massive economic benefits to both Britain and Europe.

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