Using humans as pawns

The government have voted down a proposal to protect the rights of Europeans resident in the UK (and therefore protecting the rights of British living in Europe) in order to maintain Theresa May’s stated intent of using the plight of such people in negotiation (to protect the rights of British living in Europe).

In other words, the rights of human beings to continue their lives is being used as a bargaining chip in the future negotiations with the EU. Taking an “at war” stance before peaceful negotiations seems to be the style of the May administration. Such an attitude is not very British! It is also the actions of a government that not only does not care about human rights but one that is prepared to deconstruct the multitude of lives built by families and puts immigrant citizens onto a new planet of uncertainty.

MPs should bristle at this: why are they allowing an unelected PM to change the Conservative manifesto? The slow descent to a fascist dictatorship appears to have started. The MPs who believe peoples’ lives should become part of trade negotiations obviously believe in a return to slavery. That is the impression this creates to the rest of the world.

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