No Confidence

It is time for a leadership election. The one that the Conservative Party failed to have after the resignation of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. The selection rather than election of Theresa May has left the Conservative Party in an undemocratic condition. How long will it be before a leadership challenge against her authoritarian and unpleasant “leadership” occurs? Who would stand against her?

The problem with May is that her negotiation strategy is not a strategy. It is pure tactics and rather weak ones at that. Promising Europe a “hard Brexit” does not open dialog when that is what the EU has already said. Do it, or do not do it: but do not talk about it in the meantime! The finesse with which the EU negotiate is reflective of the complexity of their mandate over divergent and culturally advanced electorates that will not put up with foot stamping authoritarianism.

May is doomed. Brexit is a stupid idea: we decide to not do something without knowing what it is we decided to do and now we listen to a person who was never elected and who does not respect the manifesto of her party as she gradually reveals her stance is only against immigration and a vision of Britain that is not shared by most of the people who live here.

I call for another referendum after the dwindling value of the UK Pound has had a demonstrable impact on UK life: just after Christmas.

The Conservative MPs must consider that they are riding a wave of popularity with May that will decline rapidly. Her recent performance at her first European Summit is a taste of what is coming: she is a terrible negotiator, she is a person very fixed in her opinions that most of Britain do not share.

Time for the Conservative MPs to start talking about a proper leadership election: before the current occupier of the office further damages our nation’s reputation by employing the Royal Prerogative or being stopped from so doing by the Government losing a court case. She has no mandate. She has little talent for running the country and is a liability when it comes to international relations.

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