Brexit Bigots

The rise of bigotry and the violations associated with Brexit including murder, assault and boorish bullying on social media implying that any allegiance with Europe is an excuse to tell people to “go”.

In the three months after the Brexit vote in Britain, homophobic attacks rose 147 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. It’s open season for bigots.

NY Times

Is this why we need to be independent of Europe? So violence against immigrants or even those who are perceived to oppose Brexit is justified? What horrible hell has Britain fallen into? One where the exclusionary rants of the Daily Mail are believed by a “majority”?

Brexit promises economic shrinkage and isolation. The bigots who want to see immigrants “go home” are not just short-sighted. It is a conspiracy to ruin this country in the eyes of the world. It is a lapse into brutality and false ideals.

Immigration has made this country greater than the sum of its parts. The rise of bigotry is fuelled by the rhetoric of Theresa May’s Government. The support for Brexit by a minority of the citizens of Great Britain is a coup by the Right Wing hijacking the old Labour vote via fear and prejudice instead of values.

There is little logic to this. There is never any logic to violence against innocent citizens or telling British citizens to “go home”. We are home, here in European Britain.

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