The Conservative Game

The Conservatives take power seriously. Their conference was gauging the electorate with every staged announcement. This misdirection of insisting that companies are named and shamed for employing immigrants besmirched Amber Rudd with a racist policy announcement. As a person who supported the Remain campaign, was this a serious policy or simply a way of teaching her a lesson? She took over the role of Home Secretary from Theresa May and now is politically neutered.

The racist policies are not fiction, but they will not publish the names of the companies they are tracking for reasons of “making policy”. So they want to continue with a racist policy without having to publish their data. So they have advanced their model from Nazi Germany to Stalinist Russia or East Germany?

Conflicts between Chancellor Phil Hammond and the Brexit ministers are expected as the financial realities are made starkly obvious as the pound falls off the cliff. What Chancellor wants to watch his economy Zimbarbewiate.

Theresa May uses power in the style of a dictator. Her real problems remain that she has not been able to seriously claim a mandate for the full thrust of her leadership ambition. She plans to take over the most important democratic process from a sovereign parliament, a parliament that was elected. Whereas, she, was not.

She is nothing but a dictator.

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