The Brexit “Boom”

The immediate actions taken after the referendum were to reverse the austerity policy, i.e. the BofE injected £250B into the economy to prevent the logical withdrawal of investment and devaluation of assets that could have happened. The Leave camp tagged that consequence “Project Fear”. The Bank of England responded to sell down our asset values and alleviate the “Fear”.

Reflect on everything that David Cameron went on about after the banking crisis when Gordon Brown prevented bank collapse by injecting £850B into the economy resulting in a huge deficit which Osborne kept claiming was being “reduced”. In fact, Osborne was borrowing more to make the progress look good and since the referendum, we hardly noticed that all that uphill climb i.e. austerity was probably undone overnight. Years of belt-tightening, student debt, NHS starvation, benefit restrictions, etc. funded this growth and the devaluation of the £.

This government has acted in a disingenuous way and continues with its Brexit pitch, paid for by the tax payer. Are the Tories really the party of fiscal responsibility or are they just a party that feels entitled to power?

Brexit does not mean Britain leaving the EU. It means the end of Great Britain as a political entity. It means the breakup of the UK, and the isolation of England. The rest of the UK want to stay in the EU. Apart from its largest and most successful cities, England has voted to be isolated from the single market. The other parts of Great Britain do not want to be isolated.

The politicians seem to have bought Thersa May’s slogan and have given up on challenging Brexit as though the law had already been changed. It has not. Brexit is not inevitable. Opposition to it needs to focus.

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