A few of my favourite things

For years I used a special razor, made by a New Zealand (I think) company which worked better than others I had tried in the UK. But they were really quite expensive to buy blades for, and in the UK it was really hard to find them. £10 for three blades via Amazon. But they worked well, so I continued to use them.

Then I say for £2.99 I could buy a 5 blades for a European brand at a European supermarket where I can also buy fresh vegetables that are better and cheaper than you can get at English supermarkets. Far better. Far cheaper. I bought the blades, without realising I had not bought the razor so the following week I got the razor and then the day arrived, I had to try it.

Goodness me. It is vastly better than the brand I was using! And compared with the leading British brands, they are several times less expensive! Like the vegetables I can buy, fresh, grown in Spain. Or the very expensive Italian shop I sometimes spoil us with extremely good Olive Oil or Balsamico.

And it reminds me that English brands are inferior and they are more expensive. Why? Because of the EU. We do not export, we import because their products are better than ours, and are produced more efficiently because of the EU.

If you surveyed what supermarkets Brexit supporters frequent, and found it was British ones, you would find they spend more for less. And that is what they want. Less quality, less choice, more expense.

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