Unity required between leavers and remainers…..

Article written by a member of British expats :Say yes 2 Europe- Remain in the EU.- Claire Monks

I have seen plenty of tongue-in-cheek postings that point out a typical Brexiter as a stupid, racist slob. This is clearly annoying the portion of Brexiters who consider themselves intelligent, open minded, decent people. Hillary Clinton has just been pulled up for insulting the electorate when she referred to Trump supporters as deplorables. Are the Remainers falling into the same trap? Does it not make us sound like right wing arrogant arses? How is that going to win support for blocking Brexit?

Many Brexit voters made their decision based on the information they obtained through Mainstream Media without realising the bias being presented. Leave campaigners were handing out leaflets in the street claiming that everything from overcrowding in schools and hospitals to the failing fishing industry were the fault of the EU. The Remain campaign came across more as Operation #Smugbastard inasmuch that you would have to be stupid to vote Leave.

Many more people were confused by the conflicting “evidence” that they were being bombarded with and, rather than vote the “wrong” way, chose not to vote at all therefore absolving themselves of any future responsibility.

There are others who are pushing for Brexit because they can smell personal gain. Obvious candidates are those such as NF and Bojo, but there are many others holding high office in business and politics. A slackening of workers’ rights can only be good for big businesses who do not see the value of their workforce. A reduction in environmental obligations can only be good for MPs with interests in off-shore drilling and fracking. Etcetera.

The rest probably are stupid, racist slobs.

I recently had a discussion with a very good friend who voted Remain. She has property in Europe so her decision, was based mainly (but not solely) on the need to maintain access to it. She still had, however, concerns that echo those of Leavers and these were as follows:

I don’t think we should be propping up other economies when our NHS is in peril.
I do not agree with European Law being supreme to British Law.
Britain is too crowded for unfettered immigration.

My friend is not stupid, a racist or a slob but she has the same concerns that made many others vote Leave. I explained the fact that Britain opted out of Bailout. I explained that most of the time British law is the law by which we have to abide but, should it fail us, we have European law to protect us. I explained that, being outside the Schengen area, we have every right to check passports and refuse entry to known undesirables.

If we have not been getting this across to fellow Remainers, then converting the non-voters is going to be a monumental task that needs addressing. So maybe it would be prudent to stop poking fun at and antagonising the Leavers who have dug their heels in up to their nethers because, although it’s fun, we are wasting valuable time.

We should be concentrating on making our positives much clearer and far more attractive.

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