Op Ed: Brexit Myths

If Brexit fails, as I certainly expect it will, it will be because it is a bad idea. If it were to succeed, we have to have parameters to measure that success and we do not.

“Britain trading with the world”, sure thing, but when you look at the actual details of what is required in terms of lawmaking, one can see that Theresa May would rather address her pet ideas before she is voted out of office. Next, perhaps it will be surveillance and checking on people to assess if they qualify to have children?

She is an unelected leader straying from the manifesto she said she was there to work on (her excuse for not holding a General Election).

If the Brexiteers think that May is on their side, clearly they still suffer from the same sort of delusion that makes them think that the EU puts the UK at some sort of disadvantage.

If you take the logic of Brexit to its conclusion, it is that we will be ruled by the successor to TTIP, we will be subject to far more immigration and complex arrangements for trade freedoms and that our national debt will triple before any of the supposed benefits arrive. And the EU may fail without our valuable inputs. How would that be good for the UK? The UK? Sorry, England.

Oh, and you will not be able to buy Strawberries at your supermarket for under £10 a punnet.

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