Can Article 50 be reversed, does anybody know? Certainly not the media.

There is much discussion about whether the UK can trigger Article 50 and then pull out if the exit terms agreed with the other 27 EU nations are not to our liking.

The Independent for one believes that Article 50 is reversible. BUT is it reversible?

There is no provision in Article 50 for the leaving nation to pull back from its declaration to leave.

Some argue that because everything about the EU is geared towards a closer union of people’s then it must be possible to pull back from leaving.

Others argue that because the only provision in Article 50 for varying its terms requires unanimous agreement it isn’t possible to pull back from leaving without unanimous agreement.

Given the enormous Constitutional importance to the UK of leaving the EU is anybody prepared to allow Article 50 to be triggered without this question being resolved?

The only way to resolve this is to put this to the EU Court of Justice, the ultimate arbiter on EU Treaties and ask for a ruling.

Do not be mislead by those who blithely say we can trigger Article 50 and pull back if we don’t like the outcome.

Opinions on matters of law have to be tested in court.